Doctor Who fans set social media abuzz sharing in 50th anniversary celebrations

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  1. Social media was abuzz with excited fans sharing their thoughts on the 50th anniversary special, 'Day of the Doctor'.
  2. Awesome movie! We r heading to the cinemas to watch it again in 3D and then will watch the rerun tonight!!
  3. I drew a little sketch to express my ver...
  4. We're waiting until the movies but my son is uber excited!! He has his costume ready and is making me wear one too! We're watching our favourite episodes today while we wait until it's time to go!
  5. One of the best episodes ever televised. Loved it.
  6. Even Google jumped on the Doctor Who bandwagon, introducing an interactive Google Doodle for the weekend of the anniversary.
  7. Many fans dressed up for the occasion, as their favourite Doctors, companions, and even daleks.
  8. Doctor Who fans killing it in the city today!
  9. Doctor Who themed food was also popular - some fans tried out the eleventh Doctor's bizarre favourite of fish fingers and custard.