Death of a horse amid Melbourne Cup celebrations causes outrage

Not far from where a jubilant Gai Waterhouse celebrated the Melbourne Cup win by Fiorente, another runner - Verema - was quietly but publicly being "euthanised" on the track after breaking a bone in her leg. The sudden, sad death of Verema has provoked an outcry on social media.

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  1. The tragic reality of horse racing is the huge death toll. Most horses bred for racing are put down young, because if they're not going to be a champ they're not worth feeding and training. Many more die during or after races, just like Verema did today. I was quite happy once again skipping the 'race that stops a nation'. Surely there's a more humane excuse for drinking and bludging at work! (from Tim Vollmer )
  2. In short, this is why I don't support horse racing. Maybe if more people understood how many horse die for the privilage of amusing punters things would be different. I won't mention the hundreds of horse that get sent to the slaughterhouse because they are slow, uncontrolable or "difficult", or just plain ordinary. At least with the dishlickers you know something is starting to change. Same can't be said for horse racing. 
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  4. Yesterday, if tv camera was on a wider angle, sadly the whole world would have seen the green screen up, 2 shoot Verema as Gai accaccepted cup! :'(
  5. Just found the following link on an FB friends status update. I was just saying to a coleague yesterday how sorry for these racing horses I feel; It's a mena sport in all honesty. And apparently channel 7 didn't even make mention of this: