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Cyclone Yasi: aftermath

Residents in far north Queensland had a nervous night as Cyclone Yasi crossed the coast. As the sun came up, they were greeted by scenes of devastation. (Created February 3)


  1. Cyclone Yasi was expected to dwarf every other severe weather incident in recent Australian history, so it was no wonder reporter Jess Van Vonderon and pretty much everyone else in far north Queensland had trouble sleeping last night...
  2. Jess Van Vonderon speaks from a hotel room in Townsville
  3. Cyclone yasi Townsville 2/02/2011 12midnight
  4. Next morning, initial images came from areas such as Cairns and Townsville, but there was no word from Cardwell, Tully and Mission Beach, which were believed to have borne the brunt of Cyclone Yasi's wrath...
  5. (@timgrau took more photos of destruction at Trinity Beach here, here, and here)
  6. Cyclone yasi Townsville 3/02/2011 6am
  7. And while pictures may have been few and far between, there were plenty of people sharing their stories with ABC radio.
  8. As the morning progressed, more people emerged, and uploaded their photos of the aftermath...
  9. Road to Atherton from Mareeba
  10. Perhaps more than any other, this photo from Andrew Sittler in Mission Beach shows the force of Cyclone Yasi, and the job facing those left to rebuild.
  11. Yasi leaves trees uprooted, power down in Townsville
  12. Hurricane Yargis 2.2011
    Hurricane Yargis 2.2011