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Armstrong stripped of Tour titles, banned for life

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has served disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong with a life ban for doping and stripped him of his record seven Tour de France titles. Tell us what you think of the decision.


  1. We asked our readers what they had to say about the International Cycling Union's decision.
  2. The ones who do the drug testing have proved to be totally inept and should be sacked.
  3. Sport has long since stopped being about competition and has become about spectacle and hero grooming.
  4. He cheated. That much is clear. He was a very very good liar and fooled us all.
  5. Armstrong gets the flick for life, stripped of the titles, and what happens to the dobbers? They get a a paltry 6 month ban, so they can then go back like nothing has happened. Can anybody spell scapegoat?
  6. What he has done is criminal and deserves jail time.
  7. Scape goat. Amazing how many riders are quick to defer all blame to him to save their own backsides. Even if he did do it, the teams are all known for it so I see this as a convenient way for cycling as a whole to have a fall guy to divert attention from them taking responsibility for something they have silently condoned.
  8. None of them are saving their own backsides; they are all being punished
  9. A verdict based on the testimony of admitted wrongdoers who have an interest in presenting allegations against another person, not backed by any physical corroborating evidence, shouldn't be accepted in a court case, and shouldn't have been accepted in this case.
  10. Given the mountain of evidence, they had no choice.
  11. Great idea, what I don't understand is what took so long. Someone is not doing their job.
  12. the UCI still have questions to answer, this is just one step in the right direction