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Anthony Mundine comments on homosexuality and Indigenous culture

A selection of Facebook comments after Anthony Mundine posted that homosexuality and Indigenous culture do not mix.


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  2. i was watching it and after seeing that i switched it off. im with ya on that bra.
  3. God or Christianity isn't apart of our Culture either...our Ancestors had dreamtime beliefs!!
  4. Luke Carroll yu serious bra? Yu know that shit wouldn't fly back in the day...your off ya head !
  5. I got nothing against it cause I got friends family that are but promoting it to the youth & masses isn't right...but each to there own
  6. I'm talking about all these blackfullas that have been brainwashed with Christianity & a belief in this 'White Jesus' who is their saviour!!These beliefs where brought over by the white man on the first fleet!!In regards to homosexuality...well I'm with you on that one, each to their own.
  7. Well I don't care sorry I'm happy then any man will ever make me HAPPY know one can stop who u love or how many!! So Ive eat the apple...
  8. People listen to what u say and I understand it wasn't a belief of our ancestors but u cry racism whn u are discriminating against homosexuals who in today's world deserve the same right as u me or the next person
  9. I am an Aboriginal and a Lesbian, I must say it's really sad to see such a comment from an Aboriginal Sporting star who might I add is a narrow minded, uneducated human being... #1: God is not OUR culture, religion was brought here by Europeans like many other things. #2: Love is free, and people should be free to love who they love without JUDGEMENT from people like you... #3: What do YOU know about our Culture? You should do a little reading before opening your uneducated mouth, I feel quite embarrassed for you... ️(Proudly Interracial Dating Lesbians)
  10. Anthony Mundine you on some bullshit posting this. You a great athlete but this is some serious BS.. also God didnt make adam and eve or adam and steve.. i guess you believe some dude named Noah saved 2 of every single living creature from some great flood too.. fairy tales mate...
  11. Interesting comments peoples. As for blaming the white man for the ills in this world as the great man Nelson Mandela said "get an education, better yourselves, be leaders & move on".