Your Presence on the Internet


  1. This idea is from Chapter 7 in Mediactive by Dan Gillmor.  It is about handling our presence on the Internet.  We've all heard warnings before.  This is my take on how it affects searching for internships or jobs.
  2. This article is from 2007 and it's warning people not to put things on their Facebook that potential employers will dislike.  I agree with this.  People shouldn't put pictures of themselves doing things they may later regret on Facebook.  (Unless like Gillmor said, it's part of the way you want people to see you). 
  3. Now Forbes is even suggesting here that your online presence will become your resume.  (It can be if you have a portfolio website).  Maybe they will be right about that in the next 10 years, but for now I think (large) companies will continue to use the resume system.  Large companies that have a lot of applications coming in prefer that you send in your application and resume through their system.  If you've been chosen to be called back by the employer then they will probably look at your online presence.

    Certain companies, sometimes smaller ones, are seeking out candidates on Twitter and through LinkedIn.  Your online presence in that case is important. 

  4. So don't say really gross things or have too much craziness.  People won't appreciate that. But... I think you should be able to put your personality into your Facebook and Tweets.  If the potential employer really has a problem with something you said then you might not fit in working there anyway. 

  5. At my last internship, the guy who hired me told me he looked at all of my "social network" pages before I was accepted.  He decided I was someone he could work with.  It worked out really well in that instance. 
    Not all HR people suggest this route, though.
    It just depends on where you want to work and the culture you want to be around.