My journey through #desent15

Hello and welcome to my jounrey through the #desent15 module. It's been a great one!


  1. The journey began on Friday 23rd Janurary 2015...
  2. Getting back into the Twitter world ... 🐠
    Getting back into the Twitter world ... 🐠
  3. We were split into groups within our specialisms, and given the task to interview a business of our choice. Our group decided to interview Contemporary Applied Arts in London, as this was the perfect business for us because as a group, we hope to succeed in a diverse range of areas, and the CAA, as a business, fitted all our needs.
  4. We trained it down to London on the 9th February 2015, and had our interview with Clare, one of Europe's' top craftswomen. It was such a pleasure to have a look around the CAA before our interview, and we spotted the beautiful Judy Scott's work, one of DJCADs alumni, along with Lara Scobie and Jane Keith.
  5. Just had such a lovely interview with Clare from @caagallery couldn't have been better😊 @osoverynautical @iamljp @abbie_neave @andyscott_ #desent15
    Just had such a lovely interview with Clare from @caagallery couldn't have been better😊 @osoverynautical @iamljp @abbie_neave @andyscott_ #desent15
  6. Our interview with Clare was extremely beneficial, interesting and prosperous. It was a real pleasure to gain a deeper insight into the CAA and how the business runs, and our group are extremely thankful for the opportunity we were given. As soon as our group returned from London, we began working on our presentation, which took place on the 25th February, and we were absolutely stunned when we received an A2 for it!
  7. A huge passion of mine is up-cycling, and creating more sustainable products, and I aspire for a business combining my textile practices with this. I participated in a live twitter #DiAhour to gain some advice on sustainability within textiles, which was not only beneficial for the current project I was working on, but for my future and research into setting up my own business. I was amazed at the responses I got from Scott & Fyfe, and several other industry experts including Professor Becky Earley and Kate Goldsworthy.
  8. Throughout this module we are advised to attend events and participate in workshops and one event in particular which benefited me was Pecha Kucha Night Dundee. The night was really enjoyable and there was the chance for guests to write down "WHAT SKILL WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO DEVELOP?". As my business idea is to up-cycle textile keepsake garments into furniture, I thought it would be beneficial to write down 'upholstery classes' on the skills wall. I then tweeted what skill I would like to develop and again, was thrilled with the responses, and began starting upholstering classes the following Monday!
  9. The upholstery classes I have been attending make me so passionate about my business idea of up-cycling customers textile keepsake garments into furniture. I tried it out on the image above. The stool was made by my granddad, and I upholstered it for my Auntie using a dress, which she keeps as a memory, as she wore it the first time she met my Uncle. Strongly passionate about the whole sustainability aspect also had me attending Katherine Hamnett's talk, which was absolutely brilliant.