How Tech Can Advance and Expand Humanity's Global View


  1. The visionary television show Star Trek from the 1960s showcased its version of handheld mobile "communicators." But even though set centuries in the future, its characters were at times bedeviled by technology (much like we are today).
  2. By 2023, our time, I believe some of those glitches will be ironed out. I believe that in 2023, we will have automatic phone scheduling. Someone can call or text and their appointment will be scheduled by an algorithm that will add their appointment to an available slot on your calendar.
  3. Wouldn't that be convenient? As a journalist, time is fleeting and the faster we get the menial tasks out of the way- the more time we have to break the important news.
    What if for interviews we didn’t have to travel to someone’s home? We could be immersed in their world with holographic phone calls? The technology is on its way and by 2023 could be fully functional (and even more advanced).
  4. Hopefully I can create a business that would be a global citizens of humanity/travel site. Exploring every corner of every country to write stories about people from all walks of life. I firmly believe journalists are put on this earth to give everyone a voice and this could be that mission on a global scale. It's easy to limit ourselves to the familiar, but there’s something thrilling about diving into the unknown.
    In 2023, I hope to be in one of the most unexplored places on Earth. Mentalfloss tells us the top 15 unexplored places on earth and I think going to the unknown would be an interesting way to become known.
  5. It would be great for holographic projections to bedeveloped by this time so people can interact with the people interviewed alongthe way. Full immersion is the best way to capture the attention of the worldand have them learn about the lesser known world around them. Each person interviewed could be viewed in 3D with a look into their environment and I think that would enhance the viewer/reader experience.
  6. A third technological advancement that would aide globaltravel- drones. Not only for amazing aerial footage to show people the geographyof different areas, but also to deliver supplies to remote locations.Journalists may be bold, but I’m not sure I’m ready to forage in the forests ofAustralia for food or traverse the ice caps of Greenland without first gettinga view of the terrain from above.
  7. Drone footage (below) can be so captivating and beautiful which I believe will increase interest in the travel plans and global view.
  8. Amazing Iceland 4K drone footage
  9. West Canada by Drone (4K)
  10. I personally believe that technology should assist humanity,but not run it. Technology can aide us, but absolute dependency is a bad idea. Imagine a world where we need a program to do every little thing for us? Brain powerwould almost cease to exist if we had no need to think about the details of ourlives.
  11. I also don’t think technology should takeover human contact. The scheduling software would be ideal for a situation where you’re unable to reachthe phone, but you don’t want to lose the opportunity to meet with someone.
  12. I believe tech will move leaps and bounds in the future, but it's our responsibility to maintain human interaction and efforts. My business will help us technology to make people feel more connected and less alienated as we sometimes feel in this age of tech. Instead of being limited to our screens I hope my travel, exploration, and discovery site will encourage global exploration and learning. Look out for the 15 least explored places being discovered in detail by yours truly in 2023.