The Super-Commuter Report

"The Emergence of the Super Commuter" a recently released research report by The Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management at NYU Wagner, identifies super-commuting as a growing trend in major United States regions, with growth in eight of the ten largest metropolitan areas.


  1. the NYU Wagner Family
    the NYU Wagner Family
  2. Study created by Mitchell Moss, Director, Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management, Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, New York University
    Additional Researchers: Carson Qing

    The twenty-first century is emerging as the century of the "super-commuter," a person who works in the central county of a given metropolitan area, but lives beyond the boundaries of that metropolitan area, commuting long distance by air, rail, car, bus, or a combination of modes. The super-commuter typically travels once or twice weekly for work, and is a rapidly growing part of our workforce. The changing structure of the workplace, advances in telecommunications, and the global pattern of economic life have made the super-commuter a new force in transportation.

  3. To read the full study, please click on the document below.
  4. NYU Wagner in the News
    NYU Wagner in the News
  5. Business Week picks up The Super Commuter Report
  6. Planes, trains & automobiles are all modes of transportation for the super-commuter.

  7. NYU Wagner in the News
    NYU Wagner in the News
  8. "Distance has now been overcome," said Mitchell Moss on WNYC.

  9. NYU Wagner in the News
    NYU Wagner in the News