NYU Wagner team, Kinvolved, wins Fels Institute Public Policy Challenge

A team of NYU Wagner masters candidate won the inaugural National Invitational Public Policy Challenge hosted by the Fels Institute on April 22, 2012. Their app, Kinvolved, uses technology to empower families to become an integral part of student success.


  1. On April 2, Dean Ellen Schall announced the Kinvolved team—Miriam Altman, Barrie Charney Golden and Alexandra Meis—would represent NYU Wagner at the National Public Policy Challenge Competition.

  2. BeMyApp 2012 New York: Meet KINVOLVED
  3. The Kinvolved Team prepares to head down to Philly for the competition.

  4. Professor Shankar Prasad joins the team to support Kinvolved and livetweet from the event!

  5. Team Kinvolved arrives at the challenge and gets ready to take the stage.