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  1. Some people swore off Pope jokes

  2. An oldie but a goodie

  3. A plane was about to crash and there were only 4 parachutes meanwhile there were 5 people on it. The 1st person was Messi and he said ''Do u know i'm the best footballer, I cant die nw". He took 1 parachute and left. The 2nd who was Aliko Dangote said "Do u know i'm the richest man in Africa and i'm too young to die" so he took the 2nd parachute and left. President Jonathan said "Do u know i'm the smartest president in the world so i cant die nw", he took 1 and left. It was left with Pope John Paul and a little school girl. The Pope said to her"take the last one, i'll sacrifice my life for you". The little girl replied "there are two parachutes left, Jonathan took my school bag" Na joke oooh