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Tennis legend Fredrick John Perry was the first person to introduce wristbands and sweatbands. As a sporting icon, he used these wristbands as away to tackle sweat off the hands and also to wipe sweat off the face.


  1. Since then, wristbands have been a pretty helpful accessory in the world of sports. Nowadays, there is hardly a tennis player that does not feature wristbands. It also seems logical because wearing these bands in sports allows players to reap advantages of drying their hands that result in better grip. In addition to tennis, wristbands are pretty much abundant in all sorts of sports. In football, players wear these bands on their wrists when they have to throw the ball inside after it goes out of bounds. In basketball, wristbands are helpful to keep the hands dry and provide a better grip on the ball. In Cycling, riders wear these bands for the same purpose as other sports, to keep their hands dry and achieve a better grip on their tools.
    Apart from being an excellent addition to sports, wristbands have been used throughout history for many different purposes, such as;
  2. For Fundraising/Cause:

  3. For many years, people in sports and celebrities have been following the trait of sporting custom wristbands made of silicon to raise awareness about different causes and situations. For instance, legendary cyclist, Lance Armstrong, started the trend of wearing yellow bands on his wrist to spread awareness regarding cancer. Another famous tennis player, Andy Roddick, wears a blue wristband that says “No Compromise” to raise funds for his charity organization “Andy Roddick Foundation”.
  4. Wristbands for Festivals
  5. For Promotion of Events and Brand Names:

    Companies like Australian based company AACID Solutions manufacture custom wristbands in large quantity and distribute these bands among its employees and common people to promote an event that they are about to organize, or simply to promote the company’s name.
    In addition to companies, all sorts of different organizations, such as Churches for Christmas and Easter, schools and showbiz, use customized wristbands as a ploy to promote their message.
  6. For Expressing Love And Relationships:

    It is also a common practice to wear matching and custom wristbands to show affection for the people you love. Overly attached couples wear wristbands that complement each other to show their affection.Best friends wear similar wristbands to make each other feel special.

    For Identification Purposes:

    It will be surprising to know, that wristbands are being used as a means of identification. In events and parties, custom wristbands are used to distribute the guests into categories. Red colored wristbands are given to VIPs and high value guests,and alternatively blue colored bands are given to general guests.

    Custom wristbands are used for identification in hospitals as well. Most hospitals use color coded tags to identify and differentiate patients. The all famous Medical Triage is an excellent example of wristbands used to differentiate patients.Medical triage is a name given to a general axiom in medical science to a system developed to distribute colors to different ailments a patient may face,like Red means the patient is suffering from “Allergies”, a Yellow band means that the patient is so weak that he/she is always at a risk of falling down.

    For Tracking Purposes:

    Due to the advancement in science, it is now possible to use your wristband as a GPS. People of all sizes and ages can wear custom wristbands; this mostly includes elderly people, infants and people who suffer from sleepwalking. These wristbands work in the same way as a GPS device would, they exhibit the exact location of the wearer.

    As A Reminder:

    Ultra Violet Sensitive silicone wristbands give the impression of white when outside UV radiation, but when wide-open to ultraviolet radiations such as sunbeams the colour of the wristband changes to blue. These bands can be used as aide memoire for folks to rub on some suntan lotion or stay in the shadow on scorching summer days.

    To Show Support:

    Custom wristbands are also used to show support to your favorite sports team, or to show your appreciation to a candidate in some elections. In USA, custom wristbands are a pretty common tactic in presidential campaign.
    Wristbands come in many shapes and sizes, some are broad, and some are colorful. Most of these wristbands are made of wool (for sports), silicone (for events and promotion)and plastic (for general use).
    To put it all so eloquently, wristbands serve many purposes, ranging from function to fashion,and they might be one of the most versatile inventions.
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