Climate Controlled Storage is Best For Humid Areas

Storage units are great places to keep all the stuff that won't fit in your house.


  1. Storage units are great places to keep all the stuff that won't fit in your house. They are secure, inexpensive, and centrally located. You can get different types of units, depending on what you are storing. It also depends on your location. If you are storing large items like boats, campers, or RVs, then outdoor storage would probably work well for you. Business equipment, like filing cabinets, metal desks, and inventory shelving, would be fine in a standard storage unit. If you need to put any household or personal items into Mooresville storage, you probably should go with a climate controlled unit.

    A climate controlled unit provides a consistent temperature and very low humidity. Your items are not subjected to fluctuations in conditions that can cause damage. Low humidity means no damage from excess moisture, and no mold growth. Your leather furniture will not dry out or crack. Your wooden items will not warp or bubble up, and your clothes will not mold or mildew. High heat and humidity, even for short periods of time, can ruin most things that are commonly placed in Mooresville self-storage. Florida is a humid area and is subject to heavy rains. It would not take long for moisture to build up in a unit and damage your items. The units are rented at a slightly higher price than standard units but are still cost-effective. has all types of storage units available for your convenience. You can call or visit the location for a complete rundown of what units are available in which sizes. You may want to consider an insurance policy for your items in storage Mooresville. Many homeowner and business insurance policies do not cover items stored outside the primary location. Check with your agent or insurance company to see if you are covered. If not, you can get a policy from them, or get one from the storage company. Insurance policies for storage can be purchased at a very low cost, and for short-term periods. The policy covers damage or loss of items in your unit, and while those items are in-transit within 50 miles of that unit.

    You do not have to pick and choose what you keep and what you have to get rid of, if you are running out of space. You can put items in storage units so they are out of the way, but easy to get to when you need them. You can get a small unit for holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and garden ornaments, for example, and have room to park your car in your garage. Just make sure you consider the humidity when searching for the type of unit to rent.