What Should Consumers Do Before Storing Items In Storage Units?

Florida consumers should follow a few strategies to maintain items that they place inside their storage units palmetto fl.


  1. Florida consumers should follow a few strategies to maintain items that they place inside their storage units palmetto fl. These strategies reduce the risk of damage due to exposure or unfortunate events. The following tips provide extraordinary benefits for consumers renting storage units palmetto fl.

    Acquire Pallets for Long-Term Storage

    Pallets are a great option for keeping all belongings off the floor. For renters in Florida, this is beneficial in that it prevents damage due to flooding. Florida experiences tropical storms and hurricanes frequently. During these events, flooding is possible. The pallets lift all boxes and storage in Palmetto stored items off the floor. If a flood occurs, these items won't sustain severe damage.

    Purchase a Lock for the Unit

    For best practices, renters should choose a smaller lock for the storage units palmetto fl. If the lock is smaller, possible intruders cannot cut it with bolt-cutters and gain access to the renter's belongings. They may choose any style lock they prefer. However, some storage facilities may place restrictions on the chosen locking mechanisms. They should contact AAA Storage Hwy 41 to make this distinction.

    Label Boxes Carefully

    All boxes should be labeled carefully. This could reduce confusion and prevent the renter from facing difficult when looking for specific items. The labels should be large enough for the renter to see from a distance, and boxes should be turned where the labels are facing outward. The renter could find items quickly and spend less time inside the unit when they need these items.

    Use Plastic to Wrap Boxes or Air-Tight Containers

    Thick plastic wrap should be placed around boxes to reduce the likelihood of damage due to pests. Although most facilities are treated by pest control services, they cannot guarantee that pests won't enter the unit. For this reason, the renter should take these precautions to reduce the risk of damage.

    Make Sure All Boxes are Stable

    As the renter places their boxes inside the storage unit, they should ensure that they are stable. If they don't, they increase the probability of damage. Unstable stacks of boxes could fall at any time. If these items are breakables, damage is almost guaranteed.

    Florida consumers should follow tips for storing their belongings in storage units. These tips could reduce the potential for damage and help the renter to avoid a financial loss. To rent a storage unit, consumers should contact or visit Jayson's Mini-Storage for more information today.