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@DHgovuk's #lungcancer campaign fuels a clinical discussion; on Twitter

On Monday 08 May 2012 the Department of Health launched the latest branch of its Be Clear on Cancer campaign concentrating on #lungcancer. The campaign, designed to increase awareness of the symptoms and improve early diagnosis of lung cancer, got some +ve and -ve feedback on Twitter from HCPs...


  1. Please note: This is Storify isn't trying to show up people as being wrong or right, there are clinical implications of the campaign and lung cancer I cannot hope to understand from my position. The Storify has been put together because what follows is an excellent example of using social media in healthcare and the lessons we can all learn from it.
  2. The DH kicked the campaign off on Twitter at 07:35. Unfortunately they got the hashtag wrong. #lungcancer 

    Lesson 1: Check the hashtag
  3. As NHS organisations followed the prepared tweets to support the campaign across multiple Twitter accounts feedback started coming in.
  4. Dr Ellie Cannon is the resident GP at The Sunday Mail by the way. She has 4,100+ followers and is very engaging on Twitter, often starting and contributing to health conversations with other health professionals and members of the public. I think she is a leading light for GPs on Twitter.

    Others joined the negative feedback, too.
  5. While some people pointed out a need to inform.
  6. I was very happy to see other health care professionals felt comfortable enough to join the debate. How many would have two years ago?
  7. NHS bureaucrats got a mention. Nice.
  8. The research and evidence behind the campaign got questioned. A fair logical question.

    CXR = Chest X-ray.