How Digitally Disrupting Conferences Can Improve Them

My tweets and notes on becoming a self-designated conference speaker critic via Twitter, and its palpable effect on the conference.


  1. I attended the 8th Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines Summit this year. I was a speaker at the 4th Summit, which was the first I attended. Since then I've spoken at and attended more than dozen conferences and talks given for digital and traditional PR and marketing people. Over time I noticed that a lot of the talks just weren't appropriate to a room full of experienced marketing officers, department heads, creative directors, and others who attend them. I asked around and a lot of my industry peers felt the same way. So since the word "disruptive" is thrown around so much, I decided to appoint myself a conference speaker critic, while live-tweeting the event with the event hashtag, #immap2014.

    Some tweets just carried narrative and quotes:
  2. Some carried my positive opinions of the speakers:
  3. Some were more along this line:
  4. And some started off innocuous and then got progressively more critical:
  5. I also tweeted my suggestions to the IMMAP organization itself:
  6. The experiment had an impact. After the following tweets, this play-by-play became a conversation as the speaker replied to me via Twitter: