PolitiFactOz falls at the first hurdle

In its first Truth-O-Meter entry, PolitiFact Australia uses misrepresentation and out-of-context quotations to reach an absurd verdict.


  1. They looked at a press release from Chris Evans, but only quoted half of his statement.
  2. This wilfully misleading interpretation creates an absurd standard.
  3. The PolitiFact policy suggests that this misrepresentation shouldn't happen.
  4. And it misrepresented Dave Oliver's speech to the National Press Club, too.
  5. How did this slip through the net, when PolitiFact claims to have accountability measures in place?
  6. That seems right so far—I've had no response, and their original misrepresentations have not been corrected.

    UPDATE: Wait, looks like they have replied after all, and they're digging in.
  7. But what does their response actually say?

    First, that they weren't checking the Evans or Oliver quotations (that much is obvious!); only a dot-point on the ALP website. But their own text suggests a clear link between the three quotations: