July 7: Day 2 at #ISSCO2016

Our second, and longest day of the conference, including a film screening and banquet!


  1. Day 2 begins with two morning panel sessions (starting bright and early at 8am)! 8am panels always tend to be extremely compelling too
  2. One of our community partners, The Pacific Canada Heritage Centre- Museum of Migration, stepped in to chair a panel, with president Winnie Cheung offering a warm welcome to her panel on museums- very fitting! For more information about PCHC-MoM, visit: pchc-mom.ca
  3. Elsewhere, we finally get to hear from Dr. Alison Marshall (@Marshallalisonr) and her research on food, religion, and culture!
  4. Switching gears to hear from a younger perspective of Chinese overseas students
  5. We are too!
  6. A full panel with scholars presenting about lesser-known histories of Indigenous and Chinese relations.