U of S shutters Emma Lake campus

The University of Saskatchewan is suspending classes at one of its satellite campuses because the site needs big repairs and there’s no money. Since the story broke late yesterday, the social media world has been lit up with artists furious at the decision.

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  1. The news first hit Twitter mid afternoon, even before the U of S released its official statement:

  2. The U of S says the campus, which has been home to emerging artists since 1935, will be closed through 2016. In a statement the university says the campus needs millions in repairs to "bring it up to today's standards." The closure of the campus will save the university $500,000 in operating expenses over three years.

    Here's part of the the official statement from the U of S:

    "This decision, while difficult, was necessary in a time of budget restraint. In addition to saving the university $500,000 in operating expenses over 3 years, a significant capital investment in the millions of dollars would need to be made to bring the facility up to standards, money which the university simply does not have at this time. The future of the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus will be re-examined over the next few years."

  3. The reaction online was swift. Much of anger directed towards the U of S and the Sask. Party:
  4. Utterly furious this morning about the U of S' shortsighted decision to cut the Emma Lake Kenderdine Campus... people... protests need to happen... this decision MUST be reversed. Is there no end to the attack on arts and culture in this province? I am... quite literally disgusted...
  5. OUR tax dollars are for channeling through the university to finance Wall‘s nuclear fantasies. Art? He‘s the guy that used to run the grain elevator, right? Good old Art...
  6. Real shame was there just this summer. The place is a real gem.
  7. There is already a petition circulating and people are planning to go the U of S financial town hall on Tuesday at 12pm.