Aggressive Ales

The new brewer in town lived up to their "agressive" motto in a tweet Monday night that seemed to question Chicago's beer chops.


  1. The tweet was in response to this Chicago section in the article:

    Whether you’re in Wrigleyville or The Loop, you’re bound to discover beers from a number of local craft breweries, like Metropolitan Brewing Co., Goose Island, or Indiana’s Three Floyds Brewing Co. And, Chicago is proud of each and every one of their hometown beers. Whether you’re grabbing something to eat at Piece, Publican, or a deep dish pizza, or just exploring the bar scene, locals will be more than happy to suggest some of the Second City’s finest brews.
  2. Of course, Alpha got a few replies.
  3. Alpha then took the position that Goose Island was not craft (which by industry definition, it is not), and that was their issue, not Chicago.
  4. But the beer tweeps didn't buy it, and at least one even took issue with their Goose Island diss.
  5. It didn't seem to matter any more, the damage was done... Twitter pounced.
  6. And Alpha pounced back.
  7. At one point somebody's wife was pictured, and even that seemed to cause controversy.
  8. The battle went on for 9 hours... Alpha had to tweet 40+ times, well past 3AM before the dust settled.

    So did this little skirmish do any damage to Alpha's reputation in STL? The craft brew community is pretty closely knit, so it's likely that at least a few will hold a grudge. For how long probably comes down to how good their beer tastes.
  9. Indeed. Don't drink and tweet, kids.