Does social media affect teenagers in learning and social behavior?

The use of social media has impacted the world in a positive and negative manner in the last decade. It has especially impacted teenagers the most in how they use particular social media networks to communicate amongst each other and to the entire world.

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  1. The articles below focus on how teenagers lives including behavior are currently affected by the use of social media networks.
  2. Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives Almost all teenagers in America today have used social media. Nine out of 10 (90%) 13- to 17-year-olds have used some form of social media.
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  5. In using social media, teenagers and parents must also remain alert and aware of the outcomes that come with using social media. The articles and opinions below state some safety tips that both teenagers and parents should keep in mind when using the internet and social media sites.
  6. Social media is not always a negative thing. Using the variety of social media sites show that being apart of a social networking site can be beneficial to teenagers as well as parents.
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  8. 7 tips to communicate professionally through social networking sites;;; Social networking sites, which were earlier considered to be a domain only for teenagers, are increasingly being used as an important tool for building professional relationships and businesses. According to a survey conducted by (a social media monitoring website), 91% of recruiters visited a potential employee's online profile as part of the recruitment procedure and 69% rejected the applicants on the basis of the content found on their online profile. However, 68% of them also hired prospective candidates on the basis of their presence on social networking sites. Here are some tips to communicate professionally through social networking sites. 1) Avoid malicious content : What is there on the web stays on the web - Never post malicious content. Always check your posts for grammatical errors. Keep private conversations strictly private. 2) Watch your language : Always maintain consistency in your tone of language. Check the words you use most often. Do you want to relate your personality with these words? 3) Check your post : If a lot of your posts on your Facebook profile are from a game application, do you want your prospective employers to see that? 4) Likes should be ‘likeable’ : Check which pages you associate yourself with on a social networking website. Google yourself -- would you like to associate yourself with the sites that are first on Google's list? 5) Build your credibility : It is important to build your credibility. Ask your seniors and previous employers for recommendations. Join groups which will add different dimensions to your online personality. 6) Never lie professionally : Always give true details about your professional qualifications. 7) Profile update : Always keep your profile updated