Does social media affect teenagers in learning and social behavior?

The use of social media has impacted the world in a positive and negative manner in the last decade. It has especially impacted teenagers the most in how they use particular social media networks to communicate amongst each other and to the entire world.


  1. The articles below focus on how teenagers lives including behavior are currently affected by the use of social media networks.
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  3. Teen Talk: Social Media Issues
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  5. In using social media, teenagers and parents must also remain alert and aware of the outcomes that come with using social media. The articles and opinions below state some safety tips that both teenagers and parents should keep in mind when using the internet and social media sites.
  6. Social media is not always a negative thing. Using the variety of social media sites show that being apart of a social networking site can be beneficial to teenagers as well as parents.
  7. Ipads, Smart Phones, Laptops, & Beyond!
    Ipads, Smart Phones, Laptops, & Beyond!
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