Ireland's 2017 examination by the UN Committee against Torture

In July 2017, the UN Committee against Torture examined Ireland's compliance with the UN Convention against Torture, and other forms of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. Here's an outline of the issues raised by the Committee and the discussion that followed.


  1. As Ireland's National Human Rights Institution (NHRI), the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission has the role of independently assessing the State's performance in complying with the Convention against Torture.

    A number of issues and recommendations were raised by the Commission in its report and later in meetings with the members of the Committee, ahead of the State examination.
  2. Delegations on behalf of the State, the Commission, and a range of civil society organisations traveled to Geneva to participate in the examination.

    Country Rapporteurs Felice Gaer and Ana Racu lead the Committee's examination, asking detailed questions of the State delegation with regard to its obligations under the Convention. Other Committee members asked targeted questions pertaining to specific issues of interest.