London 2012: Badminton scandal continues

Eight women's badminton players from three separate countries were kicked out of the London 2012 Olympics yesterday for purposely trying to tank their robin-matches for an easier draw in the quarter finals. Some players have even put down their rackets for good in the shame of their actions.


  1. Four of the eight players, two from South Korea and the other pair from China, who were recently kicked out of the 2012 Olympics for purposely trying to lose.
  2. People are still having a hard time believing that there was even a possibility of a badminton scandal. You never know what you're gonna get at the Olympics!
  3. Even after the eight female badminton players have been disqualified, backlash continues from fans and media. Some players have even decided to put down the racket for good...
  4. Hilarious homemade highlights of the badminton games at the London 2012 Olympics.
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  6. Fans react to the news of the unexpected Badminton scandal.