StarCraft WCS Season 2 Regional Finals Weekend ReCap

Last weekend was awesome for e-sports enthusiasts, as we concluded the StarCraft World Championship Series Season 2 regional finals in Korea, Europe and America. As the global finals in Cologne approaches fast, its fascinating to look back on 'Chosen 16' from the regional events.


  1. It all started a while back, as players trickled through the Challenger League into the Premier league, eventually reaching the Round of 32 for the regional finals of StarCraft. There were a few surprises, notably Liquid_Hero, who won WCS America S1, failing to reach Ro8. Oh, and the big one in Korea.. 
  2. [Spoiler Warning] 
    Here is a collection of some of the best features/highlights of WCS. If you haven't checked the VoDs yet, you should probably do that to avoid spoilers! 
  3.  WCS Korea

    Maru owns Innovation
    No one gave Maru from team Prime a chance against WCS Season 1 winner - INnoVation, whom some call the world's best Terran. However, Maru had the perfect strategy. He knew that it is difficult to defeat INnoVation in the macro game. Therefore, he had to come up with something that INnoVation would never expect. Answer: Cheese! Maru cheesed Innovation in every game except the last. Innovation could not adapt in time. If SoulKey's comeback last year in Korea finals was INnoVation's worst nightmare till now, Maru could have definitely surpassed that. 
    Thoughts: The whole David vs Goliath story all over again
  4. Maru Dethrones INnoVation
  5. It rains on RAIN in the finals
    In the grand final game of WCS Korea, Rain looked comfortable with a 2-0 lead over Maru. It appeared that Maru might have had just had a 'lucky' day vs. INnoVation in the semis and this was Rain's trophy. However, Maru slowly started turning things around in Game 3 with his 2 barrack play. In the rest of the series, his macro game was revealed for the first time to surpass that of Rain. In combination with superb micro, he overtook Rain with a 3-2 lead. Rain, just like INnoVation, looked absolutely confused as to how his macro game was being outclassed every time. I was sad to see the Protoss lose, but as they say in Korea: protoss is imba, zerg progresses and terran wins. 
    Thoughts: When things are going badly, don't be afraid to try something completely new. 
  6.  WCS Europe

    Grubby Makes it
    The only non-korean to make it into the round of 4 was Grubby. He defeated Vortex and MVP in a set of amazing series to book his place in WCS world finals to be held later this year in Germany. Especially in the last game, Grubby's hold was so incredible I have never seen something like that. He came back from the brink of defeat to take the series. More in the video below: 
    Thoughts: There is one thing common in success - GRIT , Grubby's will play in the World finals 
  7. Grubby: Tears of Joy
  8. MC loses in the finals 
    This was a long series that went through 6 alternating games. MC looked strong coming into the decider, however made the mistake of letting a Duckdeok's probe into his base, which allowed the team MVP player to warp in a bunch of stalkers and over power MC. The final game wasn't as awesome as the rest of the series. But then again PvP can end very quickly if you let an opponent's probe build a pylon in your base. 
    Thoughts: Artosis gave a shout out to SK_MC before the game, which led him to tweet later: 
  9. All in all, WCS Europe was pretty awesome as Apollo puts it: 
  10. * WCS America

    Scarlett: Queen from the North
    The Canadian Zerg blazed her way through a group comprising of such notable players Liquid_HerO, Vibe and Oz. She 3 nil-ed aLive in the R08 and then went on to face the tyrant Jaedong. 
  11. The great thing about Scarlett is that she adapts... just like the Zerg. She does not seem to have too many bookish builds and strategies pre-decided. She sees the game and how the opponent is playing and often comes up with things the other players isn't expecting.  She gave Jaedong a complete scare in the 5-match semifinals series, winning 2 games with some brilliant holds against the Tyrant's rushes. In the final game though, Jaedong had the guts to go for a 9 pool, and Scarlett went for a hatchery first. The result was obvious.
    Thoughts: Her greatest strength is her unpredictability from game to game.
  12. The funniest non-competitive StarCraft Game ever ! 
    Ok so NASL production was way more entertaining than the WCS Europe production (although the latter was more analytical - thanks apollo). A 2v2v2v2 game was held, where each of the 2 pairs did not speak the same language and 1 player was on mouse and other on the keyboard exclusively. Try micro-ing with that. Watch the video below, its hilarious (with Day[9] and Husky's casting) : 
  13. Polt shows 3+3 Marines can kill anything in a non-TvT matchup
  14. Polt has been adopted by American fans as the American Hero who will win the war against the Korean domination since he is a student in Univ. of Texas, can speak English and constantly promotes that North American players can do as well as Koreans. Most of the crowd at the Redbull studios was supporting Polt in the finals, as he was up against Jaedong's amazing micro.