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Hello [zombie] World!

After a valiant effort, I have been struck down and turned into a zombie. But I wouldn't be me if I didn't attempt to thwart them at least a little on my way out. And so I did! Zombie masses, you don't even know you turned me! As you are exceedingly foolish, it's up to me to announce my own demise.


  1. It started like this.  As one of my safe zones expired, zombies started trying to lure me out of hiding by asking me to participate in smart people stuff.  Oh how I used to love smart people stuff.  Now I only love brains.
  2. Of course I'm too smart to fall for zombie tricks, so I wrote a new safezone and was able to converse freely with my foes.
  3. Then, as had happened all day, an inattentive zombie bit me.
  4. So I rubbed the offending zombie's face in my safezone, gleeful that she had fumbled her bite.  And she conceded defeat.
  5. Then came the requisite ominous warning from zombies put out by my amazing safezone skills. Little did these zombies know this wasn't a warning.  In fact it was a confirmation. 
    As it turns out, the link that I posted to my safe zone was a bad link, and thus invalid.  So the bite was actually  not fumbled.  I got too cocky, I thought I had this figured out, but one careless link and I am fallen, only to rise and take my place among the undead.
    My final post is surprisingly poignant now. I learned a lot from my experience as a human in a zombie world. And with my last human breaths, at least I can laugh that despite their organization, trickery, and downright evilness, I've become a zombie on a technicality.