William Blake's "A Little Girl Lost"

What does the work say about women's creativity?


  1. "Books, parents, morals and religion fill an innocent girl with evil. Religious symbolism despite Blake's move away from God and religion with Romantics. Garden Bright = Eden, Father White= God ( his purity, and holiness).
    Childhood innocence, Father guides her back to her place. 
    A female with lust and disgusting female urges, obviously a man would be able to control his sexuality."

  2. I feel like this poem says a lot about women's creativity. 
    The analysis that I got from this poem is that the young girl is rebellious until her father puts her in her place. With that being said, I feel like the poem is portraying a bad reputation about women. Women are a lot more then what males portray us as. We are not weak, we're very strong individuals which makes us stand out from men. Women are more then just a pretty face. The world is predominantly male dominated, so women have to play a major role in standing out. Women can control their sexuality just like men. Anything a male can do a female can do and better.  

    Towards the end of the poem William Blake wrote " To her father white, came the maiden bright. But his loving look, like the holy book, all her tender limbs with terror shook. Ona! Pale and weak! To thy father speak, O the trembling fear! O the dismal care! That shakes the blossoms of my hoary."

    What I got from that text is that the girl's father is the Lord and the young girl is unhappy. Her father uses his bible to talk to her and she begins to tremble with fear. While she's talking her father doesn't care and he gets stressed, from his stress his hair begins to turn grey.