Twitter Scavenger Hunt

The Twitter Scavenger Hunt is what Professor Kim Fox is most famous for among JRMC students. We were given certain tasks by Dr. Fox and ran out on campus for the hunt. My name is Youssef Shaalan, and this is the story of my Twitter Scavenger Hunt. The adventure begins:


  1. Me and my partner Farida set out to accomplish our tasks. We interviewed several people on campus, students as well as professors. We hung out at our favorite spots and took a lot of photos.
  2. For about an hour, I was put on the shoes of an everyday news reporter. It was a race against time, and we succeded in completing our tasks on time. I experienced how it is to be a journalist who must gather answers as quickly as possible
  3. These are the tweets that me and partner tweeted:
  4. Next, I included three of my favorite tweets by other teams from our class:
  5. Next I added my favoritethree tweets from the JRLWeb around the world.