Citizens' Jury Twitter Chat 23 Oct 2014

During September and October 2014, the Citizens' Jury - a group of randomly selected South Australians - has been charged with coming up with ideas to ensure motorists and cyclists safely share the roads.


  1. A Twitter chat was held on Thursday 23 October to coincide with one of the jury sessions to provide the opportunity for members of the public to feed into the process and provide their ideas online.
  2. It also allowed members of the jury to ask specific questions from the general public.
  3. Expert advice 'on tap' for jurors and community

  4. Members of the Core Reference Group (CRG) participated in the Twitter chat also. The CRG have been a great resource for the Citizens Jury providing expert speakers and advice as well as engaging their communities in the discussion.
  5. The topic was a popular one with lots of South Australians keen to have their say and was a trending topic in Adelaide that night.

  6. Topic 1: Cyclists and motorists will always be using our roads. What can we trial to help them share the roads safely?

  7. The Twitter chat kicked off with a general question based on the actual charge the jurors were given.