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Summer Budget 2015

Commentary on the Summer Budget 2015, including AAT's live-tweets (in conjunction with past AAT president Henry Cooper).


  1. An ‘emergency’ Budget makes it sound like the country’s economy is in a bad way. In reality, whenever a new government is elected they always hold a summer Budget. However, given that this was the first all Conservative government in almost two decades, we were expecting some big policies.
  2. Oh, and the elusive budget rabbit.
  3. The Chancellor tweeted this image which, of course, nobody thought to satirically edit.
  4. We'll leave it to you to find those.
  5. The salient fact seemed to be that the proposed (and somewhat ambiguous) welfare cuts were to be slowed.
  6. Prime Minister's Questions took place with the expected amount of gusto.
  7. The Chancellor kicked things off with an ode to those that voted for the Conservative party at the last election.