Millennial Monday: IDR Enrollment Campaign

We co-hosted with Generation Progress to talk about Income-Driven-Repayment plans with our partners! We talked the benefits of IDR, what to look for in plans, whether or not you should enroll in an IDR plan, and more.


  1. Q1: What is income-driven-repayment (IDR) and who is eligible? #MillennialMon
  2. Q2: What are the benefits of enrolling in an IDR plan? #MillennialMon
  3. Q3: Should I enroll in an IDR plan if my monthly loan payments are currently somewhat manageable? #MillennialMon
  4. Q4: What happens to my IDR plan if I lose my job and no longer have a steady income? #MillennialMon
  5. Q5: Who can I talk to about which IDR plan is best for me? How do I find out who my loan servicer is? #MillennialMon