#MillennialMon: Healthy #BackToSchool Checklist

It's back to school for many college students around the country, and there's lots to think about in terms of health for the students heading back. We talk about vaccinations, preventive care, mental health services, and more on this week's Millennial Monday.


  1. Q1: Why is it important to talk about health when we talk about gearing up to go #BacktoSchool? #MillennialMon
  2. Q2: Do I need any vaccinations befores school starts? #MillennialMon
  3. Q3: Where can I get a flu shot and how much will it cost me? #MillennialMon
  4. Q4: Why do some states require college students to get a vaccine against meningitis? #MillennialMon
  5. Q5: Why is prevention so important when it comes to #BackToSchool health? #MillennialMon