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PlatoAR on Social Media and Beyond!

PlatoAR makes math education fun using augmented reality on magical graph paper!


  1. PlatoAR won two Best of Makerfaire 2016 awards - and covers Common Core Geometry 8 in full, but in a magical way.
  2. PlatoAR - June 2015 Feature Reel
  3. It's one of 7 different exhibits of intereting hacks and projects I made (in the Maker-category) - from my crazy 30x10 Makerfaire booth.
  4. Here's a video walkthrough of the booth:
  5. Here's a hackish experimental Intel RealSense version that varies the difficulty of the math based on the student's facial emotion
  6. PlatoAR was selected for SIGGRAPH 2015 Appy Hour and VR Village. Here it is on the big screen in the SIGGRAPH expo hall!
  7. Actually, shown there was the original pilot app Platonic Solids Experience for the Verizon Innovate Educate contest:
  8. Platonic Solids Experience
  9. Here are the two main modules tested with the kids:
  10. The PlatoAR business cards come with their own app - PlatoAR Card
  11. PythagoreanStreets from PlatoAR - Rough Draft
  12. PlatoAR was invited to showcase at AppsWorld:
  13. SSS Volumes derives the volumes and also shows a volumes lab!
  14. PlatoAR: Preview of Squoosh Sum Slice Volumes
  15. Here's one conspiratorial agenda of PlatoAR: