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HoloYummy Social Media Updates and Beyond!

HoloYummy is a complete platform for the world's most delicious food holograms.


  1. HoloYummy started as a personal food documentation project in 2010. Some people take photos of food, but I 3D scan them. These days, I mostly use photogrammetry methods to avoid carrying a non-pedestrian scanner around.
  2. Initially, I kept referring to it as MenuAR, so that you get less confusion in knowing exactly what you're ordering. But this was before my Michelin-* restaurant phase, where I became somewhat wooed by the romance of having the waiter's creativity explain it all. -@yosun
  3. Before it was known as HoloYummy, it was FoodSpotting 3D - one of the coolest projects at their inaugural Accelerator and the one that the Autodesk executives wanted to join!
  4. Recently, it got some acclaim from a hack I made at TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon where a Eve-like server robot bent over backwards to serve me HoloYummy food holograms!
  5. PeppAR Robot Waiter with HoloYummy support
  6. Wherein I embarrass myself onstage with food oaths when wifi connectivity issues abound...
  7. In Spring 2015, in collaboration with biz dev and sales team Soya Seo and Michelle Sung, we took on HoloYummy + Atelier Crenn. Here's the MenuAR concept revived again, where you can see their grand finale dessert petit 4 on a book augmentable - with the corresponding entry in the menu.
  8. Those 2** holoYummy's were also used to delight thousands of kids and others at Makerfaire 2016!
  9. And was part of my Augmented Reality Magic Show - which won 2 Best of Show awards!
  10. Here's a Pepper's Ghost version of it in an inverted pyramid.
  11. I had some minor fun at SXSW psyching people out with food holograms during meals.
  12. "Mixed Reality Breakfasts" - actually, I've always been calling them AR Breakfasts... informal breakfast events I've been doing at tech conferences since 2013.
  13. HoloYummy was invited to showcase at Launch Festival. Here we are on-stage demo-ing. Michelle is supposed to be the CEO, as I demo with bad hair...