24 Hours at York Road Project

What goes on behind the scenes of a charity which deals with homelessness? We're a Woking based chairty and we wanted to show people what our work involves and to share our stories. Over a 24 hour period we documented a day in our life using Twitter. #24hoursatYRP

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  1. In a climate of reduced funding and increased demand, we wanted to showcase the support provided and share insights and content from all our services. This day shares the stories, triumphs and challenges faced every day at YRP. including The Prop Day Centre, Outreach Team, Night Shelter and Move on Properties and provide a snapshot of the vital support that the organisation provides.
  2. 7.30am Our #24hoursatYRP began opening up the Prop Day Centre for rough Sleepers
  3. 9.30am Our staff and volunteers provide much needed help and advice on filling out forms so clients can get the support they need.
  4. 10.30am 'Move On' is our programme supporting people into accomodation. They've been doing brilliant and we were given a grant by Green Pastures to take them on a trip to Thorpe Park. it's great to have the opportunity to celebrate. And while they are out York Road Project staff run workshops for our other clients.
  5. 11.00pm We have some incredble storytellers within our organisation, Mel shares this poem about her work.