Coca-Cola Feels Very Misunderstood

First ParticipACTION, Canada's self-proclaimed, "national voice of physical activity and sport participation" renewed their partnership with Coca-Cola, then Canadian fitness icon Hal Johnson sent the tweet below leading to a Storified case study in how the beverage industry defends its sugary wares.


  1. The link Hal provided was to one of my blog post - if you click the blue title below, you'll get there.
  2. Next Dave Moran, Coca Cola Canada's Director of Sustainability weighed in with a comment that referred to another of my blog posts - one that criticized the Olympic's acceptance of Coca-Cola as a sponsor (post below too)
  3. (SSBs = Sugar Sweetened Beverages)
  4. Next Erika Mozes, Coca-Cola Canada's Director of Public Affairs brings us back to ParticipACTION
  5. And now Dave Moran brings us back to what percentage of calories sugar-sweetened beverages account for in Canadian diets