Digital Outlaws

It is getting hard to define hackers today. While they steal information from everyone, attack government and big companies and leak classified files, they also defend freedom and fight for social changes. I conclude five key points here that are related to this topic.


  1. This presentation is based on these two assigned articles:
  2. 1. Hackers and Hacktivists

  3. Media and movies sometimes add false information to hackers, but hackers regard themselves as defenders of freedom and democracy. I mentioned a movie clip that record the life of hackers and how they organize activities. Here is the full movie:
  4. Anonymous - The Hacker Wars Full Documentary
  5. An article from New York Times define hacktivist as a person who uses technology to effect social change.
  6. And here are two videos that elaborate on the social changes they have made.
  7. The first one is a news about French hackers promised to fight against ISIS after the Bataclan theater terrorist attack.
  8. The Young Turks - Anonymous Declares War On ISIS - The Young Turks
  9. The second one is a documentary called We Are Legion. It is also mentioned by Professor Mindy in class.
  10. We Are Legion - The Story of the Hacktivists FULL MOVIE
  11. 2. Cyberpolitics

  12. Cyberpolitics mainly deals with cyber issues, including privacy problems and freely access information online. Some social scientists say that define and consider problems of cyberpolitics is of not so much significance. They regard what hackers do and pursue as just spanners for the network orders. Other people, on the contrary, view them as the vanguard for society development. And they both express worry that their collective action will be affected by the pure lust for technology.
  13. Problems in cyberpolitics are concluded into three triangles by an article from The Huffing Post.
  14. 3. The "Cathedral” and the “Bazaar” Styles of Software Development

  15. These two styles describe two different ways of software development. The Cathedral style is the conventional and closed development style. It is based on a central plan and has strict and specified rules. The early phase of software development is dominant by cathedral style because only few companies like Microsoft.
    On the contrary, the Bazaar model exposes the code to the public, and different developers collaborate to improve the software’s function.
    The video below introduce a typical model of the "Bazaar" Style called Linux.
  16. 4..Sharing and the Commons

  17. I conclude many meanings of "sharing". And I introduce the idea of "tragedy of the commons". You can look it up in my blog.
  18. Ostrom explains her theory of solutions for the tragedy in the video below.
  19. Ending The Tragedy of The Commons