Yarmouth Schools, Storify #2: One quarter of the way through the academic year . . . and so much good news to share.

Yarmouth students have produced some amazing performances in the classroom, on the stage, and on the athletic fields this fall. As the first quarter of the school year draws to a close, here are a few of the highlights!


  1. At Rowe School:

  2. Chewonki visitors taught students about owls . . .
  3. Students met a firefighter up close and personal . . .
  4. And students in kindergarten learned how to read!
  5. At Yarmouth Elementary School:

  6. Students participated in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) challenge, building popsicle stick bridges spanning one foot of space to hold as many "pumpkins" as possible.
  7. Students traveled to YHS to hear Pavel Sulyandziga, an accomplished and famous opera singer in Russia and throughout the world. After performing for the students at the YPAC, he spoke with the students about his decision to be an opera singer and what it takes to perform as he does.
  8. Students harvested 9.5 pounds of turnips from the YES garden. They then learned how to peel and mash the turnips before cooking them. The taste test produced mixed results!
  9. At Harrison Middle School:

  10. HMS Students took advantage of a grant from the Yarmouth Education Foundation to help revitalize the local clamming industry.
  11. Students collected more than 1600 books for flood-damaged libraries in Louisiana, and dozens of t-shirts for students in Uganda.
  12. 8th graders began their position papers, following an inquiry model that encourages critical thinking.
  13. At Yarmouth High School:

  14. Students donated hundreds of pounds of food to the Good Shepherd Food Bank as part of the WGME School Spirit Challenge.