1. Yasmine Tawfik and I paired up and started the Twitter Scavenger Hunt for our Multimedia Writing course.
  2. We stopped a student and asked her if she uses social media to keep up with the news.
  3. We then spotted Omar Abdelwahed at his favorite spot on campus.
  4. We made our way to the AUC gym to get a photo of a student using the sports facilities.
  5. In the girl's bathroom, there is also a sauna that little people know about.
  6. On our way back, we spotted this beautiful scenic spot.
  7. In the Plaza, there are booths representing different student clubs.
  8. Next to the Plaza, there is the AUC library. We stopped a research assistant and asked him how AUC contributes to cutting edge research and/or learning.
  9. Then we captured students working in the library.
  10. Away from the academic environment, there is also the social life that everyone enjoys.
  11. Finally, Yasmine and i captured ourselves in our favorite spots on campus.