Wanna Check Recent Activity Section In Yahoo Account To Trace Last Login Details!!


  1. With sudden security breach happening in Yahoo webmail server and more than 800 millionemail accounts stolen or compromised within few minutes is a complete proof of the loopholes due to which cybercrime activity happened so swiftly withoutletting any know about it. When the news was released about Yahoo accountsecurity breach, it was quite late as many people lost their importantdocuments in their Yahoo email account that were stored as drafts, many of themare financially ruined as cybercrime activities happened to such an extent thatbank details associated with their Yahoo email account were not left untouched.The bank details were also compromised with scammer ran away sweeping hard-earnedmoney of the Yahoo email accountholders within a chunk of seconds.

  2. Though it can be said as the security lapse on the part of Yahoo email server, but users were also equally responsible for the same. Yahoo Inc has also made people aware of the hacking issues that may occur anytime if their email account is not secure. They also advised users to Yahoo account recent activity with specified time intervals to detect the hacking attempts made by cyber criminals.

    But people did not take it seriously and kept on relying on the security services offered by Yahoo from last 1 decade since its inception as this security breach incident is the first incident that has shaken everyone from top to bottom.The consequence of over-reliance over the webmail security feature of Yahoo webmail is in front of everyone; who lost everything due to such unexpected mishappening which everyone started believing as a nightmare that is only for few hours and things will be normal as usual. But it didn’t happen. How can it be? Because it’s a truth that everyone has to bear. Even Yahoo technical support experts cannot do anything other than providing login details that contain location and time.

  3. Now, it’s better to forget the past and move on with the cruel reality that worst thing can happen anytime. People accessing internet and Yahoo web mail server need to be more cautious and so do everyone as things never remain static as internet users accessing another web mail server can also get affected anytime if webmail account security is not up to the mark. Keeping a check on the last login details ofYahoo or other webmail accounts is a must for everyone now as users should make it a habit of taking food at scheduled time period.
  4. How to Check Recent Activities in Yahoo Account for tracing Last login details

    Here are the methods and process revealed to check recent activity of Yahoo account through desktop web browser as well as using Mobile app or browser

  5. · Using Desktop Web Browser

    1. Sign into Yahoo email account using authentic login credentials.
    2. Press your mouse cursor on settings Gear Icon and again click on Account Info.
    3. Then click on recent Activity option and wait for the screen to appear.
    4. Once a new screen appears, you will find the last login time and location from whereYahoo account is accessed. If those details match your location, then its fine otherwise some phishing or malicious activity is going on your account.
    5. Take action immediately and change Yahoo password, secondary email address and recovery phone number.
    6. Make other modifications in email account settings to make the Yahoo mail secure from the unsolicited hacking attempt.

    · Using App or Web Browser Installed in Smartphone Device

    1. Tap on Yahoo app or web browser to access Yahoo email account settings.
    2. Find the sidebar icon and tap on the Account Info page.
    3. You can find account info page in Yahoo app by tapping on “Manage Account” options.
    4. Now Tap on Recent Activity and look for the last login details along with the location.
    5. If the login details match as per your sign-in time and location, then it’s pretty fine otherwise change the account security details such as password, secondary email address as well as recovery phone number without any kind of delay.
    6. Make other modifications in email account settings to make the Yahoo mail secure from the unsolicited hacking attempt.

  6. Any kind of suspicious activity should not be ignored as a user should take appropriate steps to get through within it and secure his/her email account to prevent from getting compromised or hacked on the sudden basis. Though,Yahoo support services are available every time for the email user convenience but they should act now and get things done before it gets too late.

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