YKK, Mad Water Debut 'Made in USA' Waterproof Zippers

Read about YKK's collaboration with Mad Water to produce the first American made AQUASEAL® zippers for their "Domestic Duffel."

  1. InsideOutdoor Magazine's article on Mad Water - YKK collaboration

  2. "In most cases, and to most people, a zipper is a rather simple thing – sometimes even an afterthought. It’s an easy way to get into a pocket or pouch, close a fly or add a bit of aesthetic flavor to a garment. For Mad Water, however, one particular zipper means a lot more. And YKK bringing manufacturing of that zipper stateside has made all the difference."
  3. "Keep in mind, of course, this is not your normal zipper, as Mad Water, for its part, has some very specialized requirements. ...Not “water friendly” or “water-resistant,” we are talking fully waterproof and even submersible waist packs, hydration backpacks, chest packs, duffel bags and map cases."
  4. “One of the things that separated YKK from the competition is they individually pressure test every zipper after it’s manufactured,” said [Jay] Buell [Roc Gear CEO]. “They don’t spot check every fifth one off the line or every 30th one off the line. They test every single one.”
  5. “They have been extremely accommodating,” [Buell] said. “They’ve made the time to work with me because they want to get more invested in the outdoor industry.”
  6. See page 38 of InsideOutdoor Magazine to read the full story...

  7. Read GearJunkie's review of Mad Water's Duffel Bag with YKK's AQUASEAL® zipper.

  8. "There was little doubt the shell, a thick rubbery fabric, would keep water out – the real test was the zipper. Fully waterproof zippers are not unheard of, but other features like roll-top closures are more popular. The benefits of the zipper are simplicity and the fact that you don’t have to leave empty space in the bag for closure as you do on a roll-top."
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