Durable Luggage Contains Quality Zippers

When choosing a durable piece of luggage, it is important to keep in mind that durable luggage contains quality zippers. This fact is just as important as considering the storage space, maneuverability, and whether the luggage is made of hard verses soft material.


  1. Here are several articles which reference the fact that durable luggage contains quality zippers
  2. The article, "What to pack it in: Choosing a Bag" found on onebag.com, agrees that durable luggage contains quality zippers. It says, "The most failure-prone components of a bag are its zippers (replacing broken zippers is by far the most common task at luggage repair facilities.
  3. "Zippers may be ubiquitous, but they're far from simple, comprised of individual parts. Without question, the best ones (both chain and coil styles) are manufactured by the privately-held YKK Group."
  4. Doug Dyment, the founder of onebag.com also agrees that durable luggage contains quality zippers. He is quoted in "Luggage buying guide: What to look for before you shop," as saying, "The zipper is a proxy for the overall quality of the bag. One of the first things I do on a bag is look to see whether it has a YKK zipper and if not, I don't buy it."
  5. The Best Luggage Buying Guide - Consumer Reports found on  www.consumerreports.org/cro/luggage/buying-guide  says,"A lot can go wrong with a zipper. If it breaks while you are traveling you might have to toss out the bag... A YKK zipper is widely believed in the industry to be the most reliable zipper on the market."
  6. "The Best Luggage Zippers" found on bforbag.com/luggage-zippers says, "Luggage zippers tend to be the weakest link where luggage is concerned, as every luggage repair shop around the globe can verify. Moreover, when the suitcase zipper breaks you usually cannot use your luggage, not until you have the zipper replaced or repaired."
  7. "Most luggage experts consider YKK zippers to be the best luggage zippers available. The Japanese company Yoshida manufactures YKK zippers and you will recognize them when you see them as it says YKK on the zippers pull (just check your trouser zip, there is a good chance it reads YKK."
  8. The article, "The Best Carry-On Luggage" on the website thewirecutter.com also agrees that durable luggage contains quality zippers. It mentions that "Travelpro uses YKK zippers throughout its bag, which is a big mark of quality in our opinion. As Doug Dyment, the luggage savant behind onebag.com explains: "If you have a zipper that is difficult to open or close, or that opens its own accord, or comes off track easily, it's a good bet that it's not a YKK."
  9. The article, "Choosing Luggage by Its Zipper," found on usaflightinsurance.com states, "To reduce the cost of luggage, many manufacturers are choosing cheaper parts for their bags. The YKK brand of zippers are the most reliable, so look for their logo on the zipper when choosing your next bag."
  10. The article, "How To Choose Luggage You Will Love" on bottomlineinc.com also concurs that durable luggage contains quality zippers. It states, "The zipper is the part of luggage most likely to fail, so zipper quality is crucial. Choose bags that have two sliders on their main zipper - these can remain usuable even when one slider breaks. Also, look for the letters "YKK" on zipper pulls. YKK Group is the world's leading zipper maker. A luggage maker that uses non-YKK zippers often is doing so to save money and there's a good chance that its zippers are of low quality.
  11. Finally, TOM BIHN's website tombihn.com mentions that YKK's #10 Aquaguard® coil zipper is used in the main compartment of their Aeronaut 45 luggage.
  12. "We use #10 YKK Coil Aquaguard® water-repellent zippers so you needn't worry so much about bad weather impacting your gear."
  13. Commenting on the fact that durable luggage contains quality zippers, Junko Nakagawa with YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. states, "YKK's zippers offer strength, which prevents them from bursting when a piece of luggage is overstuffed. They are also made to zip and unzip smoothly."