Design for Difference

Design student Angela Luna used YKK zippers to make creative garments for her senior thesis.


  1. Angela Luna, a very creative and talented graduate of Parsons School of Design, wanted to make the difference through fashion, the channel that she knows best. Touched by the refugee crisis that is occurring in the Middle East and Europe, she spent a great amount of time researching the issues faced by refugees and looking into the possibility of creating something to address these problems with her 2016 senior thesis collection. She hopes her collection will not end with fashion, but will inspire others to think about current human rights issues and their ability to help.
  2. Her collection, Crossing the Boundary, is a unisex and one-size outerwear collection that is functional and practical, but also fashionable. YKK® fastening products are used on numerous applications on her collections, including a child-carrying jacket, inflatable flotation jacket, and series of transformational jackets that convert into a tent, backpack, and sleeping bag. This collection prompted her to be chosen for Womenswear Designer of the Year as well as winner of the Eyes on Talents Innovation Award at Parsons School of Design.
  3. More recently, Angela was named one of Forbes 30 under 30, Class of 2017. In the Arts & Style section of Forbes January 3, 2017 issue, she is a representative of a solution-based design.
  4. Congratulations to Angela on her achievement. YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. is proud to be a part of helping her to pursue her career and philanthropy by giving back to those who are in need.

    Check out Angela's video below.