#BTPchat on HIV and youth

In the final chat of Banyan Tree Project's chat series on June 6th, participants watched and discussed three youth-made digital stories on risk, disclosure, and replacing ignorance with understanding. The chat was co-hosted by Youth, the Arts, HIV & AIDS Network (YAHAnet).


  1. The first video discussed was created by Mr. Yess, a young Chinese-Vietnamese American gay man, on the theme of #YOLO:
  2. There was agreement that we can keep this term but that we need to reshape it to empower (like this:  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=640058619357681&set=a.253569171339963.86523.253503158013231&type=1&theater ) rather than leave it as a catchphrase for ignoring health and well-being. Here is just a sampling of the responses:
  3. And how can we move forward on this?
  4. The second video discussed was created by Hatsume, a young Japanese-American woman, on the themes of risk, fear, and shame:
  5. Disclosure was discussed as a very "delicate", "tricky", and "dangerous" topic, but some ways forward were brought up:
  6. CHECK IT OUT! You may be interested in this @UNFPA and @IPPF "Love, Life, and HIV" toolkit that can help with discussions around disclosure and empowerment:  http://issuu.com/ippfresources/docs/love_life_hiv_dvd_booklet 
  7. The final video discussed was created by Marson, a young man from Micronesia, on the themes of compassion and youth leadership:
  8. How Knowledge Talks to the Heart by Marson Rosario