Yes to Homes week and the launch of our More than a Home campaign

Yes to Homes also means More than a Home!


  1. 13th - 17th October was Yes to Homes week: a campaign to raise awareness of the housing shortage, and encourage government, councils and councillors to build the right homes, in the right places, at the right price. We also chose this week to launch our More than a Home campaign. Here's how we got on!
  2. We want more people to realise the positive effect that building homes has on our local communities and to influence people in favour of saying yes to more homes.
  3. Our new campaign More than a home has been created to showcase the huge impact that our home-building has on the local areas where we work.
  4. This #YestoHomes tweet was retweeted by David Orr, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation, to almost 3000 followers!
  5. Following our tweets, The West Midlands Housing Newsletter picked up the article about Yes to Homes and our new campaign!
  6. Up to 2018, our development programme will provide almost 2000 new homes, and utilising external funding and our own resources, we will be investing over £200 million in local housing across our local counties.
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  8. This investment will also create around 5000 jobs with many apprenticeships provided by us and our chosen contractors. The value to the economy of all these new homes is over £575 million.
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  10. Every home we build not only provides a much-needed affordable home, but on average creates over two jobs and contributes to the local economy, as well as helping local businesses and freeing up homes that may be more suitable for other families.