#ShareNiger is using the power of social media to give a voice to the children at the heart of the West Africa food crisis. Follow @GeekisNewChic & @LizScarff as they report live from the field and add your own voice to help #ShareNiger.


  1. Fatimata and her 2-year-old son Soumaila. Photo Mike Goldwater.
    Fatimata and her 2-year-old son Soumaila. Photo Mike Goldwater.
  2. Please donate to the West Africa food crisis appeal
    Sponsor a child in Niger today

    18.4 million people in need of help from the growing food crisis - 4 million of these are children under the age of 5. With our teams in Niger finding children in agony from hunger and millions of pounds still needing to be raised to assist them, we believe that they should be given a voice - a voice to cry out, a voice to complain, a voice to tell the world what is happening and to make us all stop and listen.

    Through social media, blogging and live reporting we are giving these children that voice. However we need your help.

    We all use social networks to tell the story of our lives. Whether it be a blog post, a tweet or an instagram photograph, we use these stories to tell others what is happening in our world. We want you to join us in telling this story to the widest possible audience before it is too late.
  3. Launched at top UK female blogging conference Cybher, World Vision has sent Cybher founder Sian To (@geekisnewchic) and digital journalist Liz Scarff (@lizscarff) to the heart of the crisis in Niger, West Africa to report on the escalating situation there. Through following their journey through social media we want to #ShareNiger and share our indignantion that this is happening when we have the power to stop it.
  4. What is the food crisis?

  5. A deadly combination of low rainfall and rising food prices have led to poor harvests and declining food supplies in West africa. Niger, Mauritania, Mali, Chad, and Senegal are facing desperate food shortages - more than 6 million Nigeriens need immediate assistance.
  6. Most worrying for World Vision, 4 million children are currently affected by malnutrition - 1 million are immediately at risk.
  7. We need to act now.
  8. Why should you #ShareNiger?

  9. We urgently need to increase awareness of the food crisis to raise funds to reach those in need. If we are able to create enough noise on social media through #ShareNiger, the British Government will match World Vision UK's fundraising pound for pound. It's that simple. Add your voice.
  10. Sian and Liz will be reporting that back over the next week via social media using the hash tag #ShareNiger. We are in a position – a powerful position – to get those stories heard, to give the people of West Africa a voice, to expose the suffering there and to really make a difference.
  11. Follow her journey using # ShareNiger and help spread their storytelling by retweeting. Siân and Liz will be providing live updates from the field on Storify. Follow @Geekisnewchic @LizScarff @WorldVisionUK and @WorldVisionPR
  12. Liz Scarff from World Vision is out there now, and Sian from Geek is new Chic and Cybher is going out on Monday. I’m going to be following her journey through her blog, and I hope that lots of you out there will be prepared to ShareNiger too.