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Wordfest 2017: Stacey May Fowles & Mark Kingwell

In the greatest double header of the season, Mark Kingwell and Stacey May Fowles knocked the cover off the ball in the Wordfest Lab at Memorial Park Library. Both heavy hitters presented new books that toss a curve ball into our attitudes about baseball, both on and off the field, revealing how the game gives us insight into how we could all live better lives. At their exclusive Calgary Wordfest event on June 21, 2017, they both presented their new books, Fail Better: Why Baseball Matters, and Baseball Life Advice: Loving the Game that Saved Me, followed by an on-stage interview, reading and book signing.


  1. The Wordfest Lab was decked out in baseball gear
  2. We love treats at Wordfest
  3. This is our super volunteer, Ian! He brought all kinds of great baseball decorations for the event
  4. Full house tonight
  5. Questions from the audience
  6. Thank you Ian for the decorations!
  7. Feelings + ⚾️ = Love
  8. It's okay to have the hots for a baseball player