Wordfest 2017: Clem & Olivier Martini

Clem and Olivier Martini launched their new illustrated book, The Unravelling at Wordfest on September 14, 2017. In a follow-up to their award-winning book Bitter Medicine, brothers Clem and Olivier Martini continue the story of their family’s journey through mental illness, dementia, caregiving, and the health-care system. The event included a Q&A and book signing.

  1. Thank you Freehand Books for being such fabulous publishers and making this event happen with us!
  2. Watch as the Martini brothers discuss their newest book, The Unravelling on Breakfast Television
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  4. Olivier Martini's illustrations lit up the Wordfest lab before the brothers took to the stage
  5. We love the posters of Olivier Martini's illustrations in the Wordfest lab
  6. An interview with the Martini brothers from 2012 about their previous book, Bitter Medicine
  7. The Martini brothers' new book was featured on CBC Books!
  8. Sam Hester (@calgaryhester) took a photo of Olivier Martini's illustrations from The Unravelling that were put on display for the book launch
  9. Shelf Life Books joined us for the book launch
  10. The Wordfest lab was full of people at The Unravelling book launch
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