LILAC Conference 2016 - Day One

My tweets, retweets and favourites from Day One of the LILAC information literacy conference in Dublin, 21-23rd March 2016


  1. Parallel Session 1:

  2. Turning them loose: Increasing student engagement in information literacy activities

  3. Eileen Wright, Montana State University Billings
  4. I tried to find the clip we watched to insert here but couldn't find it on YouTube unfortunately! If you haven't seen the film (I hadn't, but was familiar with it), the scenario is there's a massive freak weather event and everywhere is freezing over. In the clip we watched, a group of survivors are holed up in the New York Public Library. Some decide to leave as they've seen people crossing the ice outside and are worried that if they don't leave right then they'll end up trapped, but our hero Jake Gyllenhaal is trying to convince them to stay put as his climatologist father has warned him that the storm will only get worse and that the only way to survive is to stay indoors. We had to decide, based on the clip and the prompts on the slide in the (blurry, sorry!) photo below, whether we would stay or leave depending on the information we had.
  5. Our next activity was to watch a music video and mind-map what themes/topics we saw in the video. When doing this with students, Eileen would get students to all contribute a topic to a mind map on the screen at the front after watching it, to see how many different topics they came up with and how they could expand on each other's topics. She would use this as a discussion starter around broad and narrow topics.
  6. Roundtable Rival - Lindsey Stirling
  7. Eileen showed us her own version of her mind map on this video once we had all had a go at ours - she came up with a much, much greater number of topics!