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Using iPads in the classroom when the school is all Windows

Even if the school is all Windows technology it is still possible to be using iPads in the classroom. The iPad can be used for keeping the register, for taking notes about the class and other organisational tasks.


  1. I found that I was able to use my iPad and I made good use of Evernote for iPad as teacher in a classroom full of Catalan kids. I did only have a piece of paper with the names to be able to put a mark for those that were present or missing. I will see if I can get the list of students in electronic form so that I don't have to type it all out myself.

    I used the iPad for showing video to students and also images relevant to the class. It was also possible to make notes using the iPad keyboard. I needed to keep a record of what tasks I had completed within each class and also make notes about the students.

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