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Convert your vinyl LP's to digital tracks to put on CD or into iTunes

There are record players that you can get now that will connect up to your computer using USB or you can connect up with a line in and record your old crackly records. Then you have to split up that one single track per side into smaller track sized files. You can do this with Amadeus Pro.


  1. Amadeus Pro Tutorial - Vinyl to CD or iTunes
  2.  Here is a step-by-step workflow showing you how to get a single long track with four songs separated into the four individual tracks. I show you how to do this with having the name of the album already in the file along with the name of the song and some other of the meta data. In this process I even show you how to add album art, so that when you're looking for the album within iTunes after you have imported them into this, you will be up to more easily find the album and songs.
  3. Ringtones for iPhone - Amadeus Pro
  4.  It is always nice to have some extra ring tones on your phone, that you can assign to specific people. This way when the phone rings, you know who it is just by the tone is playing. You can set it so that you are using the Star Wars Darth Vader tune for when your mother-in-law rings. Then you could have a completely different tune that is more suitable for when your best mate rings. You can use Amadeus Pro to create ring tones that are completely original music or maybe even just a comedy sounds and you can also use it to take bits of music from your iTunes library.
  5. Recording audio with Amadeus Pro
  6.  It is very easy to get your hands on a decent microphone and to record direct into your computer using Amadeus pro as your recording software. If you're in a situation where there are background noises you can use the software to edit the sounds. There are also tools within Amadeus pro which will let you edit the sound for parts of the sound in case you have something like background hum or hiss. Amadeus Pro has some easy-to-use noise removal tools. I much prefer to use Amadeus pro than use Garageband As my digital audio workstation.
  7. Amadeus Pro noise removal in audio tracks